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FROM CHECKERS TO CHESS is the simultaneous pursuit of input management and choice differentiation. It is about silencing the voice of emotion when engaged in the decision making process, and making poor choices a relic of the past. It's based on the view that a few well-framed questions can restructure the menu of options available to a market, industry, organization, or individual.


Companies, organizations, industries, and individuals have long searched for the holy grail in decision management. Yet, inconsistent decision-making remains a crisis even after investing billions of dollars in professional development, education, and incentives. 


In a book that challenges everything you thought you knew about the decision making process. Federally recognized business innovators T . Jermaine Adams, I, and Tamika Forde have found the solution in the most unlikely place: a kid's game.


From Checkers to Chess is a timeless guide to better decisions. In this groundbreaking work, the game of Checkers is brilliantly used to highlight the insights and mechanics necessary to build your dreams one decision at a time.


"Checkers" is a metaphor for all of the unplanned decisions you will make in your lifetime―whether in business, finances, health, family, friends, romance, or recreation. And "Chess" represents all of the decisions made to protect your future after a period of research and planning.

Applying cutting edge data and a proven framework, From Checkers To Chess, makes poor decisions a relic of the past by providing a panoramic view of the decision-making process and introducing five principles every decision maker should avoid―to achieve elite status. These five principles reconstruct the decision making process to position you to cross the bridge to extraordinary results.


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